Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Fortress Guns

I've hit the doldrums with the painting on the sling cart; first when deciding on colours; and then doing the actual painting.  Artillery and wagons are kind of finicky to do the wood work and then all the add-on metal bits.  I usually hit a a point where the lovely all-white styrene masterpiece is a mess of colour and sloppy details waiting to be cleaned up.  I often have projects sitting for days with little progress.  (To be honest projects usually sit for months or even years...)

So to fill in the time I finished up the 30-pounder Parrott gun. (Named for the inventor--Parrott--two T's.  Not a gun to shoot tropical birds, with or from!  As in Parrots--one T.)

This gun is based on historical photographs and is scaled to match the Perry 24Lbr on a heavy carriage.

I've also started on some work for three "metal" fortress carriages.  I'm thinking of a position similar to the two-gun emplacement at Fort Moultrie (Google is your friend!).  These are based on a variety of similar guns still extant at various east coast Civil War forts.  They are scaled for the  "Less so HBG".  And now as I look at the carriages in "the white" I may leave one empty to suggest a use for the HBG and the sling cart.  I will either have to mould and cast some additional gun tubes or if I decide I only need one more, may look at scratch building a second barrel. (Maybe a really big Parrott?)

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