Sunday, 9 December 2012

15mm Buildings--Part 3

A couple more 15 mm buildings for ACW.  First is a small blacksmith's shop. A basic plastic card box was sheathed in brick paper. The roof is an HO model railroad product laid down in strips. The sign board and door is my standard stained wood.  Named for my buddy Peter. (Stauffer).

Next, a model of the Bryan House from Gettysburg.  Evergreen scribed plastic walls.  Another model railroad product for the roofing.  This is a gummed tape, notched for the shingles.  The chimney is built up of small beads of DAS air-dry clay.

The grey building has a full chimney of DAS beads.

The white building shows another texture of Evergreen scribed siding. I think this one is the clap-board. Note the N sclae model railroad windows.

Finally another red barn with dyed wood cladding.  The roof is layers of masking tape to simulate some form of tar paper roof.