Tuesday, 18 December 2012

USS Teaser (HMS Indecisive?)

I started this project very early on when I first got onto the internet and became interested in Victorian Science Fiction (VSF).  The (now possibly defunct) Major General Tremorden Rederring's Colonial-era Wargames Page had lots of great inspiration. I was able to Google this site, but it would not bring up the pictures. Or just Google Major General Tremorden Rederring:
I had to do a project on this. At the time, my only Victorian era figures were my 15mm American Civil War. I was more interested in some model building than collecting or painting any more figures--but having said that there are a lot of very nice VSF and steam punk figures in 25/28—so the concept was to continue or re-start and American Civil War in the US south-west desert.
This obvious left the door open to British intervention via air ship-born Camel Corps. And maybe some Martians…

In any case I started with some “Martian” Walkers, which quickly became Confederates from South Carolina. These are scratch built from a bubble-gum machine prize bubble and various diameters of Evergreen Styrene tubing. They went through several incarnations: Originally they were bare metallic, spidery creatures, the “ray” guns of which were yet to be designed. As I refined my concept of the project, I rearmed them with Gatlings made from brass wire and added the funnels and levers and rods to make them more steam punkish. As with any project I cannot guarantee that these are “done”.

Next up was a couple of steam tanks. These were built as conceived to be Union/American steam units. The basis of the project are Airfix WW1 Tanks. The cabin sections were widened and the bits and bobs added. Brass handrails and a couple of crew men will complete the units. They are shown here in a base coat of white, which will be the overall colour. Just trying to decide now whether to make the upper works the 1890’s battleship buff, and what colour to paint the handrails? Any suggestions are welcomed.
Not shown is the airship project for the British interlopers. It will support some 15mm Essex Sudan era Camel Corps. I built the main zeppelin body out of thin card and an airplane like fuselage is slung beneath. Basic construction is done but it needs paint and final assembly.

Last for today, is an Aether Flyer. A dome on the bottom of the main body filled with some-sort of anti-gravity-floaty-magic supports a flat gun deck. The gun system shown is the second one I put together and like the first one I tried I am not real happy with, so it may not be the final weapon. There is a gun tub at the very front which will have a crewman and a Gatling or some form of quick-fire gun.
While the walkers and the zeppelin have been named I have not yet seriously thought of a name for this flyer. Probably should be called HMS Indecisive, but the idea was to have an American Theme, thus the geodesic mast. (This mast alone will be an eventual tutorial, it is easier than it looks, built up of Evergreen rod.) So it may just end up being USS Teaser. Basic construction is done. Paint and assembly is next. This is usually where my projects stall as I love the building, the designing and evolving a project. Paint however has never been friendly to me. (It knows I hate it?)

The neat thing about this blog is I can show projects and show how prolific a modeller I am. Gee guys look what I built last week! But looking back at my photos of the walkers, they were posted on the Yahoo Groups “Victorian Adventure’ in 2004, meaning they were in progress for some time before that! I posted as “imnotanaga”; the reasons for which you can see in some painted Samurai and terrain on the “ClanWar-L” group. I also showed some 15mm ACW ships on the “jriii” Johnny Reb gaming group.