Monday, 25 February 2013

Update and the HBG!

Here's an update on the Winnie.  Basic colours are done. Needs highlighting and details, then the base and some further detailing. (Chairs, maps, etc.)
When building, I usually try to use strip or sheet stock that closely matches the size of what I am attempting to recreate. Since I work small, I generally do not have thick stock on hand. Luckily the Evergreen sheet laminates well.  Make sure the surfaces you are gluing are flat and free of debris. Sand or file the surface to get a smooth flat area to glue. What you don't want is areas de-laminating or showing cracks when they are cut to final shape. Using Testors solvent liberally coat both sutfaces and press tight together.  The solvent dissolves the surface of the plastic and if you do this just right, the seams are near impossible to tell.
Here, a few parts blocked out in multiple sheets of suitably thick plastic. They will be an axle support, the main trail and cheek pieces for a large Parrot gun.
And speaking of large guns, here is the start of an HBG (Honking Big Gun!).  This blank was carved and spun fron a length of dowell. Sometimes the handle of a paint brush will give a perfect shape for a big gun.
This is a Rodman, maybe 10 plus inches. These guns had a distinctive slotted breach, used for elevation.  Here is a styrene "blank" which will be sanded and filed to finished shape.  The slots are set in with 40 by 60 thou strip.  We'll see how the nicely formed slots withstand the final shaping!


  1. The Winnie is a work-of-art in progress. The colors are very nice. You are good.

  2. That is certainly a HBG!! The wagon is coming along very nicely!