Saturday, 2 February 2013

A Civil War Winnebago?

The next project on the list is a general's office wagon.  Apparently Union General George Thomas had an office wagon, but internet resources for this are rather slim. I did find one inspirational image:

So as I planned how to build one in minature, I first decided I would need to build an awning over the desk area (in case it rains).  Then had to decide what was going on inside the wagon?

Obviously, if I were a general, I'd have a place to ride and do some work, so a small desk and chair at the front of the wagon in a wood paneled office.  And why not a proper bed in the back of the wagon?

Of course I would have a portrait of my dear wife and maybe some nice wall paper on the wall?

So some quick Google searches for images and a quick visit to Photoshop.

Lots of work to do yet. Needs bedding and curtains (like the ambulance) A couple of chairs--I have some of the Old Glory seated officers on chairs. An awning over the external desk.  And how to build all those little mail slots on the outer office?