Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Real Time Project!

I am rather proud of these three items. While other projects on this blog have been dragging on for years if not tens of years, these three wagons were essentially done in "Blog-time".  Meaning they were started and completed in the last few weeks as they were blogged about:

The 'mythical' Civil War Coffee Wagon. Regular, decaf and ...

Fido is napping under the tongue of this field forge.
Another view.

The Boat Howitzer with a Redoubt VMI cadet for size.

This is on a 2 inch frontage movement stand, needs a crew and hopefully wil see some action. The forge and coffee wagon are on freeform bases as they will simply add colour (and targets) to the game table.


  1. Super nice modeling! If you charged for a visit to your blog, I'd probably anteup.

  2. Wonderful works, very impressive...I do like the second one!