Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Boat Howitzer--and scale...

Scale is kind of a dirty word around miniture figurines, since most are a size, not a scale.  So when a sculptor makes a master figure he makes it 28 mm or so. (or 15 or 6 or 20 or whatever.) But, and you can read a lot of debates elsewhere and see the math elsewhere, it boils down to what size is the original and what size is the model?  For a figure the classic problem is where to measure, to the top of the head or to the eyes. And then how tall is the guy anyway?  I've noted I often work from photographs and sometimes you have a measurement. Sometimes you compare the guy standing next to the object, and if that guy happens to be six foot tall you can figure out the rest...
The boat howitzer, with Redoubt VMI cadet for comparison.

I am looking at doing a gun-sling (Google is your friend) and trying to calculate the wheel sizes.   Many AFV models available now for 28 mm are 1/56th scale.  I calculate 28mm (for a six foot or so man) closer to 1/64th.  But since many use main-stream kits at 1/48th scale...So other than dizzy where does that leave us? I am not sure it really matters. Close enough is good enough.   But having said that I am looking at doing some converted/scratch navy gunner types and maybe redoing the boat howitzer for limited production.  In that case I will spend the Google-time to find some measurements and check the "scale".  The wheels here are good, I think; the gun is a little long and too big.  It will work with large 28s such as the Redoubt shown, but will dwarf my Dixon and especially my RAFM "true-25s" artillery.
Looks a bit more to "scale" at this angle.  Wheels are good, but the gun and carriage are "heroic" scale for 28mm.

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