Tuesday, 8 January 2013

'Toons in the white!

Years ago in my 25mm Minifig Napoleonic days I wanted to build an army with "everything". Well, most of my French Napoleonics are still unpainted in a box, "Pontoniers" and all. Our group does 28mm ACW, so I have begun collecting and creating to "build an army".
This is a 28mm ACW Pontoon wagon in the "white".
The model is is Evergreen white styrene sheet, in this case 20thou scribed siding to simulate the planks of the boat.  I built a cardboard form for the boat with the downside up and laid the sheet plastic onto the form, grooved surface down. I then laid another layer of the plastic over the first, with the grooved surface up. This gave me a 40 thou pontoon, textured inside and out. Some narrow strip for the gunnels and thinner strip for the ribs...some metal wheels and...
This is a "chess" wagon. Again some metal wheels, Evergreen strip and some model railroad barrels. Initially I was toying with the idea of moulding a pontoon and casting several in resin. I felt the walls of the boats were too thin to cast properly and also I only wanted a limited number of boats. I felt it would be as much work to mould and cast as to build the boats required individually.  (Yeah, you would think I would know better.) Anyway, I built two boats and two wagons for the "train" and built four shallower boats--"waterlined" for a bridge. 

And again just a teaser:
An ambulance. The nice thing is: that the bulk of the ACW troops are painted and based. Some have even seen some action in game. I have Confederate and Union Bands (also painted) and the ambulance, pontoon wagons and even a bridge are painted and complete!  I even have a nifty Confederate bridge as well! You'll have to stay tuned to see what makes it so nifty! 

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