Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sharpsburg Church

Just a quick post to start the New Year!  Lots of inspiration on the internet!  Often when I start a project or an interest I will Google images and "save as" to fill a folder with images or plans of what I want to build. A trip to the local library is always of use as well.  For the ACW there are many collections of pictures and engravings to suggest projects. 
This is an engraving of a church in Sharpsburg:
And here is a 15mm model:

A pretty simple model, card and balsa, with a bit of plasticard for the tower to provide stiffness. Standard liquid plastic model cement will bond plastic sheet to wood and Contact Cement will bond just about anything to anything. (Careful though, too much Contact Cement will melt and distort the plastic sheet.)
The building is textured with a craft quality stone texture paint.  The roof is strips of masking tape.  The window frames (mullions) are white pencil crayon on black construction paper taped inside over the window openings. 
I believe the crumbling stucco in the engraving is just age, not battle damage. 

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