Sunday, 13 January 2013

Confederate Pontoons in 28 mil

Here is a shot of a Confederate pontoon in 28mm.  Pontoon, wagon and wheels are scratchbuilt. The mules are Old Glory.

And just so you don't think I made this up, I did some web research (and everybody knows if it is on the internet...)

I made an initial pontoon from a wooden dowell, "skinned" in  Evergreen plastic and filled and sanded to shape.  I then made a latex mould and cast some full shape pontoons in Alumilite.  Two of the pontoons were used for the wagons and two were embedded into plasticene that was sculpted into a water-wavey surface. Here the single mould, and the original and mould (with plaster back-up--the single pontoon mould was made with heavy string in the brush-on rubber for necessary stiffness) for the dual units:

Here is a sample of the Alumulite dual, floating unit:

The bridge was built in two sections, with a joining piece to link them. I can then use a full crossing or use "two" bridges as an entry was for a game.  The full bridge:

Two halves:

And the Confederate pontoon wagon train:
The Confederate tube-pontoons, I am assuming were made of metal, so I painted then a variety of metal-flake siver colours with some corrosion.  Hard to see in the photos but the bridge is very regular, to suggest a pre-made assembly.  The side rails are 'angle-iron" and rivetted at the joints.
For the Union bridge:

 Sample boats on display at Tredegar, and I believe near Fredericksburg are standard army green. However, a model at the Chancellorsville visitors' centre shows a boat in white:

I wonder if the model builder here, like me, just decided not to colour the model? In any case I used white boats, and stained the bridge-wood green to simulate a pre-made bridge, assembled by the engineers when required.

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