Monday, 13 January 2014

Scratchbuilding a US M2 Medium Tank in 28mm Part 7

Picture 36 Box of Details:  Here is a box of detail bits.  The small squares are the hatches for around the turret. A piece of thin plastic rod will be used for the hinges, and slightly thicker rod for the hinges on the doors.  The stepped tubes are layered Evergreen and are for the exhaust, as are the curved sprue bits from an old plastic kit.  Capped-tube domes will be used for the fuel caps and headlamps.

Picture 37 Adding Details:  Details added to the essentially finished models.  Brass paper clips formed the bars over the headlamps.

Picture 37A Adding Details:  Notice four machineguns (plus the main and co-ax) on the front and three outback.  I am not sure of the motion of the machine gun turrets, but I suspect they would allow an overlap of the two machineguns out each side.
I am also not sure who in the crew would operate each gun.  I suspect the front guns were fixed, likely fired by the driver and that it would not be possible to fire all the guns at once.

Picture 37B Adding Details:  Rear details include a heavy thread tow cable and a tow hook from the spare-parts box. 

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