Saturday, 1 February 2014

Scratchbuilding a US M2 Medium Tank in 28mm Part 9

Picture 39 Construction Complete:  And here are both tanks ready for paint. The project moved along very quickly. There was some delay as I figured out the track work and the mould making was slow. Keep in mind the flow here is not as it actually was.  I was working on various aspects of the project at various times and was able to do one thing while the glue dried on another.

I am sad to say I am pretty much stalled at this point however. Painting is not my favorite thing, especially that mid-point where it is not done and looks sloppy and incomplete  I will finish off the paint and markings and show the results at a later date.

Also looks like I messed up on the flow of the sections of the build.  I uploaded several parts and then posted as a group and I guess I should have posted individually to keep the flow.  If you've followed along so far, I think you can sort it out.  Hope you enjoyed it!
Regards, Rob. 

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  1. Fantastic!!! Sorry I missed the last couple of posts somehow. Just been catching up on your wonderful work! Awesome!!